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About Us
About MWK :
MyWeddingKnot was just an idea a few years back. And now it’s a platform to provide a way to announce your wedding. We believe that invitation card plays a very delicate role in the communication of the big day, the design, the content, the colors, the patterns and other things in together. So we have come with the unique range of hand crafted invitation cards with the best quality paper and printing that can be customized and order online.
The Story :
Few years back a loving sister designed a handmade wedding card to give a surprise gift to her sister in her wedding and eventually the card was loved by everyone. That was the moment when she realized his passion about wedding invitations and started thinking of designing his own range of handmade invitations. Unfortunately in the busyness of life the idea got into deep sleep in his heart but never died. So after few years she decided to give shape to her imaginations and ideas. So Indu (Founder & CEO) quit her reputed and senior position and decided to employ her half a decade long experience in ecommerce and all-in-all professional experience of not-at-all-unlucky thirteen years to commence a venture of her own. This is how her dream came true and MyWeddingKnot.com came into life.
The Product :
At MWK we provide a selective collection of hand crafted, personally designed cards for wedding invitations. You will have a unique variety to choose from according to your individual sense of style which you can customize as per your own taste and we will deliver that at your doorstep with no hustle. Here you can also order minimum 1 and maximum 2 sample cards. But for the final order you have to select a bunch of at least 50 cards. So come to MWK online and find out the best invitation that can convey the joyous news to your dear ones exactly the way you want it to be.
The Team :
In the thirteen year long and inspiring journey of career Indu has earned a lot of good, hard working and reliable friends and her team is also build up with those friends who have shown faith in her vision and also want to be the members of MWK family. Our team works continuously for your better experience and our final goal is your satisfaction. Here at MWK we make sure that you love what we present to you and would be admired by your loved ones also.